Loans for civil servants Immediately. We will calculate our offer for you immediately. The pump is easy and convenient, instead of saving a long time, you can immediately afford something and realize wishes. Especially at favorable interest rates, it is progressing, therefore also called official loan or civil service loan. The loan is immediately paid to the borrower. Therefore, they can not be immediately involved in the repayment of the loan.

The credit for employees of the state sector

The credit for employees of the state sector

Although most of them are able to clearly differentiate the occupational title of staff, it is more difficult for public sector employees. For example, educators and nurses are also included in this section and you can also benefit from the advantageous conditions. Often there are more expenses in it so that at first glance cheap credit business is not so cheap.

This will allow us to make lending even more cost-effective for you. In particular, if the loan amounts are in the upper range, then the credit volume will mark. That is, you can not use the loan volume for what you actually wanted. With us, you get the loan immediately and also for free available.

For example, you can use the document to repay other documents. It can happen over and over again that you have the opportunity to make special repayments if, for example, you have a small profit or a special bonus on your work.

Loans for civil servants or loans for civil servants

Loans for civil servants or loans for civil servants

Claims and Advances, Especially for Officials – Start today with a free loan request. Civil servants can avail of special loans as needed. The one who works as a servant has in practice a non-terminable employment relationship and thus also ensures that the reward or rather the civil servant’s salary is guaranteed for an indefinite period.

Because the payment of the officials is thus a rather harmless thing, the banks and lenders formally tear themselves around this clientele, since the payment is paid to the official retirement age, if the public official does not even something comes to debt and a ground for termination ends early. There are also differences with the termination of civil servants’ relationship, for a civil servant can be transferred to early retirement, where he receives further capital from the state and his civil service loan or civil servant loan can continue to repay.

However, it could be the worst-case for the official, and it has lost its official rights, but this residual risk for credit institutions is so low that they pay little attention to this minimal residual risk in granting credit. If the civil servants have not exceeded a certain minimum age, you can have special loans for The Public Servants.

Compared to conventional installment loans, those responsible benefit from the favorable fixed interest rates with fairly good credit and credit conditions of 10 to 20 years. The amount of an official loan at the end depends on the net income of the public official. However, in practice, on average, credit institutions grant 20 times the net income of civil servants’ salaries.

An employee in the public sector with his / her degree of remuneration receives a net profit of 2000, – EUR in the previous month, which would be followed by an official final loan or an official loan of EUR. 40.000, -. If a public official needs a higher credit rating or loan amount, he can talk to the house bank and, with official credit advice, expand on the financial concept developed. 21ig goes out.

Thus, the loan amount depends on the monthly net income of the borrower and is about 20 to 24 times the salary of the public official. Most civil servant loans and loans to civil servants are a special mix. This combination package then includes, on the one hand, a repayment-free loan, which is offset by a capital life insurance or pension insurance with capital provision law.

If this investment insurance is then due, because the maintenance contract expires, this can be included in the end for the repayment of the loan. For this reason, loan repayment periods which are similar to those of civil servants or pension insurances have long since been found in many civil service loan agreements. The structure of the special loan for civil servants consists of the monthly loan installments from the loan interest rate (for the repayment-free loan) and the capital collection into the surety/life insurance or the pension.

For which employee is the official credit?

For which employee is the official credit?

He usually has a public sector function and works for the country. The typical civil service professions include, for example, prison officer, law enforcement officer, expert, federal judge, police officer, military service, surveyor, tax administrator, professional firefighter, intelligence official, and many other government employees, so teachers simply all civil servants with civil servant status.

Another requirement for obtaining a civil service loan is a life or pension insurance. Because many credit institutions design the special loan package in such a way that it has an effect, as it were, on the early distribution of the sum insured in the amount of the life or pension insurance.

Anyone wishing to apply for a scholarship or loan application as a civil servant must, in any case, have a salary certificate for civil servants, which are effectively the payslips or payslips of the civil servant.

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